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Issue with Payroll execution after Re-hire action

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Hi Experts,

I am facing an issue with payroll execution for an employee who has been rehired and having recurring deductions.

One of the Employee XXXX was terminated on 03/11/2016 and again rehired on 04/09/2018.

In 0014 IT, there is a record of 401K loan Deduction from the date 11/20/2015 to 03/10/2016.

In 0015 IT, there is a record of 201B Loan balance of amount 72000 for the date of origin as 11/20/2015.

This employee rehired on 04/09/2018 and when we run the payroll for the period 08 2018, 401K loan deduction is showing the amount as 902/-. There is no loan deduction for this employee after rehiring. Somehow, the deduction is happening. Earnings, Deductions are showing the same value and total payout is showing zero.

I even changed the Payroll status Infotype dates as 04/09/2019. Even then also 401K loan deduction is showing.

Please advice to rectify the issue at the earliest.

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Hi Sriram,

Try entering Loan Balance amount as $0 in IT0015 now with new hiring as I don't think now you can fix earlier loan balance amount to amount of loan deducted until during termination.

It seems loan balances were not cleared earlier during termination so now may be that is the reason you are facing this issue.

Thank you!