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Issue with Partner functions & Credit limit.

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Dear Expert,

                   I have a doubt regarding partner functions, I want to say with an example.

Reliance is the company head quarter Delhi - > I created Reliance is Sold to party with credit limit 50 lac*.

Reliance Hyderabad,Mumbai,Chennai are the branches - > I created as ship to party.

case 1 : Sold to party:Reliance Delhi

             Ship to party:Reliance Hyderabad

this case is clear.

case 2:Sold to party:Reliance Hyderabad

           Ship to party:Reliance Hyderabad

How can i handle a situation with case 2.

Note:Credit limit needs to be maintained for complete Reliance Company(Head Quarters) Not to  the branches.

Please suggest me.


Siva Krishna

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Answers (4)

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Hi siva

you can assign the credit limit to the head quarters

open the FD32 then the Branch office customer code select status in edit select change customer account assign here the head office customer code

then maintain the credit limit on head quarters customer code



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pls spend some time to read below link. You will dfenetly get lot of clue..

Standard configuration have solution for your problem.

Credit Limits for Groups of Customers - Credit and Risk Management (SD-BF-CM) - SAP Library (Theory Logic)

(Configuration Hint)

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Dear Keyur Mistry,

                           Thanks for your valuable information.


Siva Krishna B.

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Dear siva Krishna,

Solution -1

case 2 .-- Do changes in customer master partner function for Reliance HYD branch .

                 SP --Reliance HYD

                 SH--Reliance HYD

                 PY--Reliance Delhi.

now go to FD32 and give customer as Reliance HYD ---> go to STATUS -> click on EDIT ( menu button ) and click on change credit account -> here you give as Reliance Delhi .

so that in your sales order level if sold to party is Reliance HYD it will check the receivables of Reliance Delhi then it will block .


C.B Reddy.

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Dear C B Reddy,

Thanks for your suggestions.

I will check it,hope it will work successfully.


Siva Krishna.

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As you might be aware of the fact that credit limit is always maintained and checked for partner function Payer PY. SP or SH has nothing to do with it. What is your Payer in these examples? If payer is same then no issue with sold to party. You can use any sold to party and credit limit will be maintained and checked for Payer.

Please test this for Payer and update.


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Dear Moazzam,

                        Thank you for your suggestion,

In case 2, the ship to party(Reliance Hyderabad) is he himself the payer.But According to our client,he wants the credit limit to be maintained to Reliance Delhi(Head Quarters).

Please suggest me  alternate solution.


Siva krishna