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Issue with MSEG-WEANZ Filed while printing the GR Lable via MB90

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Hi All,

I am facing one issue related to GR Label printing.. we are not able to see the print preview of GR Label..

but once we do debugging system show us the MSEG-WEANZ field is showing as 000 value due that system is showing us the Print preview,

Can some one let me know from where we can see this field even though I have checked the configuration setting for Field Selection for MIGO via SPRO

but I am not able to see this MSEG-WEANZ

Thanks in Advance

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Check this.....

Used only for individual slips because it depends on material. Output types: WE01, WE02, WF01, WF02. The idea is to print a number of slips that corresponds to number of pallets delivered. If a material always has a fixed quantity by pallet, you can maintain it in the material master (quantity GR slips on storage location view). It will be proposed in MB01.

WEANZ is recalculated when the quantity is distributed among storage locations. Note 432947.

Set in program SAPM07DR, Forms AUSGABE_WE01, AUSGABE_WE02 etc.(Include M07DRAUS).

MIGO: WEANZ is processed for all goods movements, but in the print programs it is only implemented in the GR slips WE01 and WE02.

Which output types can use WEANZ to calculate the number of slips/labels?

In the print program there are only two kind of output types working with field WEANZ:

Individual GR slips WE01 and WE02: in form ENTRY_WE01 and ENTRY_WE02 we perform the slip printing as many times as indicated in WEANZ. The field is not active in a collective slip as it is an item information. If item 1 says 10 slips and item 2 says 4 slips, how many collective slips should we print? It does not make sense in a collective slip.

Labels: field MSEG-WEANZ can be used for the determination of the number of copies (table T159E see below) for all goods movements in MIGO since note 333860. In MBxx transactions, it works only for goods receipts as WEANZ is not filled for goods issues.

For More Information on the Inventory Management output type refer below link

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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MSEG-WEANZ is used only for individual slip.

refer to excellent article on wiki.sdn below -