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issue with delivery

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A delivery has two different origins on the same item for which our system is supposed to create two different delivery notes. We have 100PCs of Item soap from Canada and 200 PCs of bottles from US. The real issue is in the invoice it is showing 300 PCs from US. I dont know why this is happening. Can anyone throw light on the issue. why its happening. I appreciate your help.

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The information given by you is not enough to give proper answer.

1) How do you distinguish between goods of same material number but of different origins? Via batch ID, valuation type, country of origin in batch, etc?

2) In your example, did the system create two deliveries as expected? I guess delivery split based on the different origin is very likely defined in copy control in your system.

3) What does it mean that the invoice 'is showing' all the amount of one origin? Do you think of the invoice object (VBRK, VBRP) or the printout (output)? It is also controlled via the copy control which items and how will be copied into the invoice object. What you see on the output might be different what you have in the invoice object. If this is the case you'd better ask your ABAPer to check the form.

(you don't have to answer these questions, just think over your problem based on these points maybe it helps to find out the cause of the issue.)

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Thank you for your replies... I am getting the issue at VF02n screen. not the print output level. We are looking into this issue. I will update as soon as it gets done...

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You have to configure delivery related billing. My guess in your existing Config setup might have order related billing.

The delivery related billing configuration can be done using the below steps.

1. Configure appropriate billing types (one for delivery related billing) in sales document type configuration ( VOV8).

2. The set up the relevant item category determination as per this sales document type, so that the proper item category will be picked up in the sales order level.

3. Then set up the copy control for the sales document type-billing document type at Header as well as Item level.

I hope this will work out for your query.