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Issue while creating a condition record for VA00 Variant condition type

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I have configured complete scenario for variant configuration(Pre-Condition Dependencies)  at the time sales order  creation we are not able to find VA00 values in Condition.

We have maintained condition record for all Characteristic with in VA00.


1) Created material with material type KMAT

2) Created Characteristic

3) Created Class with class type 300 and assigned all the characteristic

4) Created Configuration Profile and assigned it to Material

5) Created Variant condition Zprice

6) Created Dependencies

     e.g: $self.Zprice='100' 

7) Created Condition Record for VA00 condition type and maintained the value for variant 100

😎 Created sales order but the net value is coming as 0



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Answers (5)

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Variant stndard condition type is VA00.

U maintain zprice variant condition and matain condtion type for zprice.

Better use standard condition type. VA00.

Do you maintain Char for price? By setting Additional Data SDCOM & VKOND.

Check and reply.

Price will trigger with the correct configuration.

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Hi, I have written the procedure for you one again. to check if you have not missed anything. i guess you have missed dependency assignment to the material. or you have ignored that variant condition is case sensetive.

1.Create a Material - KMAT type with Item category (002)

2.Create Characteristics in CT04 - Zbike, where in values mention the Color of the bile
like Red, Blue etc.

3.Create another characteristics in CT04 - ZPrice, where directly go the additional data
tab and maintain the table SDCOM and field VKOND (ABAP Dictionary it will ask

4.Assign these two characteristics to a Class in CL01 - ZBikeclass ( Type 300) in
characteristics tab page.

5.Then go to CU41 Configuration profile select the material and enter the description
click on the class assignment ie assign Zbikeclass.

6.Now go back to CT04 - enter Zbike -go to values- select Red- go to extras - Other
Dependencies - Select Procedure enter in front 10 write - $self.ZPrice='Red'
and save.

(Remember whatever the variant is the spell should be the same in the dependency. if not it will not work. so lets say it is case sensetive. )

7.Now go back go to extras - Other Dependencies - assignments and assign relationship
( by default it will come just save).

8.Now select Blue- go to extras - Other Dependencies - Editor - Select Procedure
enter in front of 10 write - $self.ZPrice='Blue' and save.

9.Now go back go to extras - Other Dependencies - assignments and assign relationship
( by default it will come just save).

10.Now go to VK11 - Enter VA00 (Condition)(For Std RVA001 Pricing Procedure) - enter
variant Red and Blue give the rates accordingly and create the sales order.

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Moved from SAP ERP Sales and Distribution (SAP SD) to SAP ERP PLM - Classification and Variant Configuration

G. Lakshmipathi

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So what next to do ??


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raghu perubandi,

have you maintained PR00 ?

your order should atlest have base price , and then variant prices can be added into it.

please check and reply.



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Also check , are you passing correctly the value from component selection characterstic to variant condition characterstic.

It may also creating this issue.

write dependency type procedure for ex.


so if your charactertic CHAR_MAT = '100' , it wil be pass to CHAR_SDCOM as 100 and then value as per condituion record will appear.

Try and come back.

Hope it wil help you.



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I think one setting is missing as per your note i.e. you have to maintain the Variant for the pricing condition for condition type VA00.Please try to maintain the Varient in VK30 then go to VK11 and maintain the pricing and choose the Variant from the Dropdown list itself.

Note: Choose the Variant in VK11 from the dropdown list not right it manually.



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Hi Suman,

I have maintained variant in VK30, , still price is not getting in sales order



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Hi Friend,

   Try this PDF Link :

Hope this will help you to get you solution.