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Issue : Regarding Time Management

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Hi all experts,

My employee worked on 01.08.2010 and i wanted her entitlement to accrue based on 7 *(4/12) = 2 for 2010 (first year of service)

And on 01.01.2011 - 31.12.2011 (second day of service) , i wanted her entitlement to be whole 8 days.

Similarly, on 01.01.2012 - 31.12.2012 (third day of service) , i wanted her entitlement to be whole 9 days.

I've tried to use date type "leave year start" and set it 01.01.2010 and try to set my base entitlement : 8 (SENIORITY: 1-2year) related to the date type "leave year start" ,hoping it can calculate from that date, but it doesnt work.

any suggestions that i can try?

Im using RPTQTA00 , no time evaluation.

thanks you!



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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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in accrual period in V_t559l


take account

Quota Generation: Change of Work Center/Basic Pay

Now in your case check the accrual period and accrual entitlement along with base entitlement

and define correct seniortiy rules

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My accrual peiod is calendar year and i've set the base entitlement as follows :

base entitlement 1-2 years : 8 related to calendar year

base entitlement 2-3 years : 9 related to calendar year

base entitlement 3-4 years : 10 related to calendar year

base entitlement 4-5 years : 11 related to calendar year

base entitlement 5-6 years : 12 related to calendar year

base entitlement 6-7 years : 13 related to calendar year

Is there any problem?




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If I am understanding you correctly then your base entitlement rules would be:

0-1 years service = 2 days

1-2 years service = 8 days

2-3 years service = 9 days

Is this right?

Note that if your leave year is 1st January to 31st December then there is no need to use a 'leave year start' date type, just set validity intervals to 'calendar year' and deduction period to 'start of validity interval' and 'end of validity interval'.

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Hi, yes! you are right.

but i've set my base entitlement as you stated but my 0-1 years service = 7 days as i will acrrue monthly based on base period (calendar year) because i wanted it to pro rata the entitlement from the date he joined.

However, for his 2nd year of service, i wouldn want to pro rata based on the month alr.

I just want constant of 8 days for him on 1st Jan 2011, but i still couldn't get it right.

So my base entitlement should relates to calendar year right?



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Have you set up your reduction rules to reduce entitlement when someone starts part way through the year? These rules control reduction due to part time working and also 'inactive days'.

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Hi, yes.

I've defined it.

I've set 20% in inactive calendar days

To Percentage : No reduction

From Percentage : Proportionate Reduction

Key date for determining part-time data : Day by day in accrual period

But i didn't defined in my generation rule, thinking it might not give me the exact number of entitlement because i didn't generate the 2 of the months in schedule in that fiscal year, so it will assume my employee has more than 20% of inactive days.

But does this affect the generation as well?