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Issue on rules in HCM process and forms

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Can anyone shed some light on, how rules in HCM Form scenario works and how to check whether the condition in the rule is evaluating to true or false?

A rule is linked to the backend- service and needs to see if we can debug the rule??

Thanks in advance!!

Regards, Satish

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SAP does not make this quite easy....there are TWO levels here...

1. rules at the SERVICE level: this is at the backend services "spot"...where you config ALL the SERVICES (not operations of service) you use. The rule(s) you create there will control if a service itself is executed(drilled into its operations) or skipped. If the rule evaluates as "true" it is executed. The field(s) you use in your rules can be ANY in your form scenario limitation.

2. rules at the OPERATION level: once "inside" a service in configuration, we define which operations of the service we want. We can attach rules to these much the same as services. However, there is one BIG difference....any field(s) we use in a rule attached to the operation must have that field mapped to the operation.....this mean you can't just use "any" field to evaluate your MUST be mapped to the operation...which is fine if your field is part of the operation but there are times where you are checking something else you don't need directly in your operation....for example, if our operation had fields mapped like this....


i0006_street FG01 CHECK_ADDRESS stras

i0006_city FG01 CHECK_ADDRESS ort01

i0006_zip FG01 CHECK_ADDRESS pstlz

Then we could not have a rule like "if i0006_country = USA" because the field "country" is NOT part of the operation mapping.

To get around this, we make use of "flag" fields, map those to the operation to some "unused" field and mark them as "exclude from operation" they ARE mapped but not actually used.

Make sense? To "check" your rule, put breakpoints into your generic service code or in the framework code (you can find the loops where it checks rules) and debug.

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You can try debugging this method PROCESS_DATA_CONTAINER (CL_HRASR00_DISPATCHER)