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Issue in VF31 for multiple Billing docs. printing..!!

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I'm sunig VF31 to print multiple billing documents using RLB_INVOICE and custom smartform.

Our requirement:

For Combined invoice the sales order, order date, delivery number and goods issue date have to be printed on item line level. In addition, the ship-to has to be printed as well on item level, like below.

Sales Order: 00098 SO Date: 20.12.2007

Del No: 8000087 Del Date: 24.12.2007

Ship to: ABCD


0010 CH-1010 Description 20 EA 10.00 200.00

0020 CH-1020 Description 30 EA 10.00 300.00

Sales Order: 00099 SO Date: 20.12.2007

Del No: 8000888 Del Date: 24.12.2007

Ship to: 1234


0010 CH-1000 Description 10 EA 10.00 100.00

0020 CH-2000 Description 15 EA 20.00 300.00

We are able to print the invoices for each order and we need help printing the items for the combined orders, for different ship-to-party.

Can anyone help us on this?

Thanks in Advance.

-- Praveen

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Answers (1)

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Check out the interface IS_DLV_DELNOTE in smartform. You will see more detail data in this structure. You have to check the item belongs to which order and print accordingly. if i am wrong, please give a more detail explanation.