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Issue in Time Management

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Dear Friends,

In negative time evalution,why i am getting Planned pair and time pair.

As per my knowledge in -ve time mgt Only deviations should be record.Pls correct me if i wrong.

Whta is the reaosn i am getting planned pairs and time pairs in -VETime.


Tulip sandey

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Answers (4)

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Positive Time Management

Recorded Times = Actual Work Schedule = Planned

*This method records all actual times, that is, all transactions such as actual

working times, absences, and so on

Negitive Time Management

Work Schedule = Actual and Planned Work Sch

*Only time data that represents an exception to the employee's work schedule is

recorded. You can include the most current data, such as employee illnesses,

schedule and record substitutions, and enter annual leave for employees.

Hope Time Management Types will be clear now.

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Hi Team,

Kindly can you explain me in brief about the difference between the Positive time recording and negative time recording in with and without time evaluation??

Kindly explain it with a scenario.



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Dear Kumar,

-VE time management mean planned time and time pairs are assumed as actual times. ONly deviations are maintained, it means processing type of planned pairs are changed.

In +VE time management, actuals are maintained. thus, actual vs planned takes places in time evaluation.

On the whole, Planned pairs are mandatory in Time Management/Evaluation.



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Both time management methods (positive and negative) analyze time pairs for planned working time.

For postive time it is important for calculation of actual working time and evalutation annomalies.

For negative time it is important to analyze overlaps and treat working hours for payroll processing. For example, system must be eable to recognize how to treat overlaps between planned time and time events (business trip, overtime, training, etc.), you may also need to generate compensation for work at night, weekend, public holidays, and so on. All these activities require generation of time pairs for planned working time.