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Issue in the Settlement Rule- CJ88.

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Hello All,

We are facing the issue, when we are trying to settle using the transaction code- CJ88.

Sale of fixed assets has been posted to WBS element using that as a cost object. Since it's a revenue we will not be able to settle it to a cost center.and we would like to settle it to a GL Account.

we are using two settlement rule one for GL account and the other for CTR, since the allocation structure contains two source, one is for revenues and the other is for Expenses.

We are getting the below error message.


  1. Checking’s which were done from our end

  • The GL Account which is entered in the Settlement rule has the cost element category 12.
  • The settlement cost which is entered at the allocation structure in the settlement cost element tab has the cost element category has 22.

All the postings which are done to this GL account are of the Business transaction-RFBU as per the CJI3 Report.

Please do help us in solving this error.



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What I understand from your posts is, you are selling your fixed assets and thus earning revenue (either gain or loss).

If sale of fixed asset is higher than costs of asset then you are gaining. In this case you should settle to CTR using primary category 1 CE. Direct posting to CTR (this cost center is associated with fixed asset)

If sales of fixed asset is less than cost of asset, you are loosing. that difference amount should be posted to G/L account using CE category 12 (sales deductions). Here also direct posting to CTR (this cost center is associated with fixed asset)

Talk to your FI guy on this one and change CE in allocation structure accordingly.

I am not clear on one thing, why are you posting sale value to WBS element? What is the business need to post on WBS?   This is direct entry by FI team.






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