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Issue in S_PL0_86000028

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Hi Guys:

My client has closed its year now which were supposed to be closed by the end of June 2011. They have executed all necessary closing activities. I have checked that all balanced have been carried forward to year 2012 but when we are executing S_PL0_86000028 - Financial Statement: Actual/Actual Comparison for year 2012 , for some GLs (asset based) it is showing blank values. In trial balance and FS10N these GL ae showing balances as carried forward but they are not being shown by this report.In FGI6 , value field assigned is Balance sheet value . Asset year end closing has been done successfully but the issue persist.


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Hi Expert,

Please check whether those Zero Value GL Accounts are assigned to FSV (In T-Code: OB58).




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No there is no any such assignment. When i assigned accumulated balance KUMSL Accumulated balance in FGI6 , these GL started to show values in them but still there is an issue. If i use Accumulated balance for it, system sums the profit figure. E.g if i run S_PL0_86000028 for 8th month only , system starts showing profit and loss figure for the whole 1 to 8th month.

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Can you re verify your selection screen values?

May be having some exclusions

And also verify the the Note 885997 - Drilldown reporting:No cumulated values in comparison column



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