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Issue in Rebate Processing

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Hi all,

I have done all settings for rebate but when i create sales order , rebate conditions are not appearing on sales order. When i check pricing analysis on sales order, it is saying "Condition ignored (requirements 024 not fulfilled).

Please respond that why this is happneing.

Best Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Its a std syetem behaviour..go to v/08 and check ur PP against ur rebate condtion ...the requiremnt 24-only in Billing doc means the rebate calculation will takes place only in billing document ..not in sales order...

So u just create the invoice for this sales order..there u can see the rebate cindtion...



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Because rebate is calculated on the basis of accrual in billing document. It is based on sales volume(Invoiced sales volume).

For example,

A company has implemented rebate processing to provide their customers with rebate payments at the end of the year based on the cumulative sales each customer reaches during the year. Rebate condition types have been configured in the pricing procedure to calculate the accrual amount that should be passed to financial accounting as the sales during the year are recorded. In order to aid performance, the user has assigned pricing requirement '24' to all of the rebate condition types in the pricing procedure that are related to sales volume. Using this requirement, the system only accesses and calculates the accrual in the billing document.

If a you would prefer to see the accrual in the sales order, you should not use pricing requirement '24'.



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JJ is right. If you want to see rebate conditions in sales order you have to remove requirement 24 from rebate conditions in pricing procedure.