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Issue in Purchase Requisition Release Strategy

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Hi guru,

I've got an issue in the release strategy;

I have a PR with 3 lines. After Relase I've deleted the last line and system doesn't allow me to release it by ME55 transaction; I'm able to do it only by ME54N.

Thank you for your help.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Once you released PR system not allows to release again with ME55

Hope this help

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I will explain better the problem.

I've a PR with 3 lines. Before releasing it If 1 line will be deleted; the system doesn't allow me to use ME55; I can only use ME54N.

Thank you for your help

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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Hi Marco,

I had a problem with ME55 and i wrote to SAP OSS.

The first OSS answer was:


Can it be that your requisition has some deleted items?. If yes, then

take into account the following:

Please consider the definition of ME55 "Collective release":

You release ALL requisition ITEMS or COMPLETE requisitions that are

awaiting processing by your release code.

And also the definition of "the field overall release of PReq":

Determines that the items in a purchase requisition are ALL released at

at the same time (rather than individually).

That means:

If there are some items which can't be released (may be they are

deleted), the transaction ME55 can't be used - so you have to release

over the individual release (and that's why you get this

message in ME55).

If you get such a message for a purchase req. in ME55 you can go over

the menu to release this item(so you don't have to call ME54 directly):

Select the item and choose Goto -> Individual release.

There is a difference between overall release and collective release.

Overall release means that a purchase requisition is released on

header level and not on item level. Collective release means that

several purchase requisitions can be released at the same time.

When one line of a requisition subject to overall release is deleted

you are asked to use the "single release" functionality in transaction


Once you delete a line item you MUST work with ME54 to release each

item. By deleting a line you effect the whole purchase requisition

hence collective cannot be used. This is standard SAP functionality.

In this case, you have to individually release each requisition item

through transaction ME54.


I hope this is useful to you.



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After undeleting that line item in PR,are you able to release the PR with transaction code ME55..??

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Yes, after undeleting the item I'm able to release from ME55.



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Hi Marco,

While u release the PR using ME55, select the particular pr from the list and click on individual release and release the PR and save it.

This may help.



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Hi Marco,

If you are deleting line item before releasing PR.

It will definitely allow you to use both transaction code ME55 & ME54N.

Could you please check in your PR, are you able to see release strategy tab in all line item..????



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Thanks Manish,

But I have the collective release of PR, and I'm able to see it in the correct header tab.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks and Regards

M. Spinelli