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Issue in placing entire shop order on hold

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I have a requirement wherein I want to place entire shop order on hold. Thus every SFC created for that shop order should be on hold too and should not be worked upon.

To achieve this:

  • I selected one of the SFCs of the shop order,
  • Went to SFC Hold Plugin
  • Retrieved the SFC
  • Checked Hold Shop Order checkbox
  • Selected Reason Code
  • Enter comments
  • Click on Hold

So now if i try to Log an NC or try to complete this SFC, it gives me a warning that SFC on Hold

But if I go to some different SFC of the same shop order and tries to log NC / Complete the operation, it still allows me to do so.

So what's the point of placing entire shop order on hold when I can work with its SFCs?

Is it by design? Is it a bug?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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That's by design. Checking that box only puts this shoporder object on hold, meaning no more SFC's can be released on it for example. If you want all the SFCs on hold, retrieve them all by the shoporder.


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Thanks Stuart for the clarification.

Yes, I can retrieve all of SFCs for a particular shop order and put them on hold !!

It's a decent work around I guess

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