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Issue in Automatic Packing

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Hi All,

Automatic HU packing Functionality for Material A was working fine till I had one PAcking Instruction created in POP1 & assigned it in POF1.

Now I want to use same PAcking Instructions for Material B. So I assigned Material B to same Packing Instructions in POP2.

Also Assigned Packing INstructions in POF2.

But when I add Material B in the scenario both of them are not working.

Can anyone pleaze help me.

Many Thanks in Advance.

Best Regards


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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What is the message you are getting when you are trying to pack both A and B using the packing proposal. Please give the error message so that it will be easy to analyse further.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Hiren,

U have assigned the material B to the same packaging instruction of material B???

So your packaging instruction looks like this:

type P - Material

type M - Material A

type M - Material B


I don't know what you'r trying to do, but in common cenarios you won't have both materials to pack, you should want to pack only one. You must have two different packaging instructions with two packaging rules determination.

If this don't answer your question please give more details.

Best regards,

André Costa

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Hi Andre,

Thanks for your reply.

Your understanding is absolutely correct. And I also understood now that if the materials are different than there has to be different packaging Instructions & than assign it in POF1.

Yes practically it is correct. but what if I have to use same Packaging Material for another material also? Should i create new Packaging Instructions in the system?

Thanks Krishnan for your reply

but there is no message as such. the problem is the material doesn't get packed automatically during INbpund delivery creation itself with the scenario mentioned by me in first message of this thread.



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