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Is there possibility to edit records/work schedules via PP61

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In transaction PP61, in which timekeepers maintain work schedule, does not allow making changes in dates 01.05.2016, 02.05.2016 or 03.05.2016 for some employees. Usually * means, that this period employee has an absence day and timekeeper is not allowed to make any changes. On screen shot you can see some examples, when employee does not have any absence on definite date and at the same time there is *

So we need to edit the records in pp61. Kindly help us in resolving this issue.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi David,

The purpose of shift planning is to create substitutions of work shifts, attendances, absences etc.

Therefore, the possiblity of EDIT/CREATE is integral part of Shift planning.

Having said that, in your case, when you notice that the * is appearing, it means, that particular absence type (or for that matter, Workschedule, Attendance type) is not configured in the shift profile.

Go to Time Management >> Shift Planning >> Specify Shift Groups >> Choose your Shift Group >> double-click on Shift Abbreviation >> Create New Entries >> Enter Shift short ID and Abbreviation >> Select this entry and from the application tool bar, choose Absence >> enter your absence type >> save the profile >> check in PP61.

Same would apply for Attendance and Availability.

Hope this helps !!


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