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Is there any table or report that available in SAP for any PR/STR

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HI All,

Is there any table or report that available in SAP for any PR/STR that are remain opened after S/O canceled.

Please advice at the earliest.



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Of course. The standard MD06 transaction will display ALL MRP generated exception messages, and will take you to the individual material to allow you to determine how you wish to respond to it.

So, MD06>enter the plant. Optionally, enter the controller if you wish to limit the results by planner.

If you are interested in Sales order cancellations, then these exceptions would be categorized by SAP as belonging to the "exceptions during Scheduling" or "exceptions during availability" groups. On the Exceptions group tab, select these two items (6&7), deselect the rest. Enter.

You are now presented with a list of all materials that contain one or more of these exceptions. From the menu bar at the top, select Edit>Find. If you get a 'statistics' popup, click through. Select the 'Find Exceptions' tab.

Message 26 "excess stock in individual segment" means that in a MTO environment, you have more supply than demand against given order/items (as you would have if a cust. cancelled his MTO order). Select this message.

Message 20 "Cancel Process" means that you have a supply element that has NO requirements (as you would have if a cust. cancelled his MTS order). Select this messaege.

Message 15 " Postpone process" means that you have supply elements that are scheduled to be received earlier that necessary (as you might have if a Cust cancelled his MTS order). Optionally select this message.

Clik the green check. You will now notice that certain rows on the listing are highlighted. These are the ones that contain your problem children. Hit the "glasses selected MRP list" button.

This takes you to the first MD05 of the highlighted items. Review the problem. Decide what to do: Cancel a supply element? Push out a supply element? Leave it alone? Call customer service to discuss which order was cancelled and why? etc etc etc...

Once you are done with the first material, clik on the 'next material' icon or hit Ctrl-F2. Repeat. Continue till all materials have been evaluated and resolved.

This works for any other MRP message as well.



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There is not any particular field which keeps track of this "open quantity". However, using EBAN table, you can be able to do a related calculation (in Excel spreadsheet after data extraction).