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Is there any reference of EAM for medical equipment at hospitals?

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I have a customer who is looking for a solution to keep track of the maintenance of medical equipment from different vendors (Phillips, Siemens, GE) in adition to many different medical devices.

The customer owns over 20 hospitals and they don't even have visibility to the inventory of the medical equipment. They would like to be able to visualize the equipment by hospital and its performance, with indicators such as the uptime (24x7), since the equipment manufacturers only provide information of the uptime calculated  from 8 am to 5 pm.

Is our EAM solution a good fit for Hospital asset management? 


Luis Diaz

LoB & Mobility Sales Specialist

SAP Mexico

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Answers (3)

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They can visit different Medical Equipment Whole Seller and enquire about medical equipments.

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Hi Luiz,

We can grab additional functionality from Prometheus group-SAP as well like Toll Crib Manager, GWOS etc..



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Hi Luiz,

According to me SAP-PM should be a Good-fit.

There is a big industrial enterprise with a big township and hospital. SAP-PM has been implemented in the machinery area. With this experience, we have a clear idea of implementing SAP-PM for Hospital Equipment as well as for Estate assets, if such demand arises.

This will be in the same lines of normal SAP-PM implementation comprising of F/Locns and Equipment hierarchy, Notifications/Maintenance Orders/Measuring documents, Catalogs & Codes etc.

I think, this module or related modules will be able to address all special requirements if any, related to Medical Equipments.

One clear example is the process of Calibration (PM + QM), if this is applicable in your case, because the Calibration plays a very vital role in Hospital equipments, which decides the course of treatments.

Being in SAP-PM environment for years, it is often felt that every activity around us is a sort of PM process. Why I am saying this is, sometimes a thought comes to mind that even the patient-history of a hospital can be mapped through this module.

Finally, your situation might defer in terms of Standard Operating Procedures of your client's Hospitals, with practices of Hospitals in other parts of the globe. So, before deciding a Module, a micro-level study will be required whether all practices of your client are being addressed in the Module/s

Jogeswara Rao K

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SAP EAM can be mapped for any kind of Industries assets maintenance & tracking. But detailed analysis is required to have better understanding the Hospital's business.

Each hospital can be created as Functional location & equipment can be assigned to those locations and tracked.

By having the Measuring points for these locations / equipments, uptime can be tracked.