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Is there a way to use a list of Material numbers to see if they are on BOM

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Is there a way to take a list of our storeroom Material and see what is on a Bill of Materials and what is not. Thanks.

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Answers (3)

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Thank You

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if you want to know whether the material is used as a component in any BOM, then use transaction CS15.

However, this can only be checked one by one in CS15

alternative you can check with SE16 at table STPO, by entering your material number in field IDNRK

Still you get only BOM items for materials that are used in a BoM, you dont get any list or message that materials a, b and e are not used as compenent.

If you want such info, then you should create a small ABAP

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there bellow possiblities can query the table" MAST" for the list of materials with SE16.Enter the BOM Usage.


2. If you want to find details of individual materials:

Use transaction codes:

CS03 - Material BOM here you will get list of by search material having BOM by pressing F4.

3. I don't think there is any such transaction available. (But you can get the list of material who has a BOM from MM02 (F4 options). To get the required list you need to develop a small customized report. The logic may be like: Input plant code on input screen. Let system to check all the available materials in the MARC table for given plant. This list of materials(MATNR) to be supplied to MAST table and those materials which doesn't have corresponding STLNR (BOM No.) can be outputted as the desired list. I hope this will help in resolving the issue. Please revert back in case of any further clarification.

4. There is one unique way is there which helps you to find our fert / Halb code without BOM.

Go to MD21 and select low level code 999 and execute.