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Is there a Tcode for de-listing of articles in mass from an assortment

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Is there a Tcode for delisting of articles from an assortment in mass. I have around 10k articles which have to be delisted from an assortment.



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Answers (3)

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Thanks for the responses.I have come across these tcodes in SCN.However none of them seem to meet my requirements.


Local assortment is in use.

WSK2 ,WSP6 does not cater to my requirement.

WSM9(Deletion of obsolete Listing conditions) is not getting executed.

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WSE4 - Tcode for article discontinuation for a range of assortments answers my query.If i just select the option delisting and ignore the set deletion flag and delete info record option , my requirement is met.

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Hi Bhargav,

Going through some of the previous posts - you could choose to use transaction WSK2 to delete all Listing Conditions assigned.

This transaction should delete all Listing conditions from Table, where as WSP6 is used for Setting "Discontinued" Status of  Listing Conditions.

I would suggest that you test this rigorously in the CAT environment and perform a regression test before you conduct this exercise in the production enviornment.



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Are you Using WSP6, Better Try WSK2 or WSM9 for Mass