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Is there a problem deleting rows from AITM?

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My database is growing to fast, i am updating every night 30.000 items, so the "item history" table AITM is getting bigger and bigger (about 6Mio rows now).

BTW: Are there any other history tables for items which i don't need?

Do i need this table or can i delete the data? We have problems to update SBO with a database which is about 20 GB in size.

Regards, Frank.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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There are may reports for inventory as well as other aspects of the system that point to the AITM table and as you may have noticed there is no "purge" option to remove records from these tables, which would be the appropriate method of removing data from these tables as there is a cascade effect with other tables. I would not recommend removing item rows from the history tables via SQL as that will cause errors when running reports that depend on these tables as well as other system queries.



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As for us we had the opposite situation - for some reason all the history for all the object was cleared by itself.

The issue is still unsolved by support, but we were told that the end user can get such result if he (in your case):

1. set the History/Log value to zero on General Settings Form;

2. update a record via SBO interface (execute a simple addon which just calls DI Update()-method) of Item Master Data.

These 2 steps will decrease AITM and AITW tables to only 1 record.


1. you shouldn't add/update any others SBO objects because it will delete all the history for other objects

2. don't forget to set the previous History/Log value back, if you still need to keep data in logs table, because it a global parameter for all the history (A***) tables.

3. this is internal SBO functionality


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Really good hint Alexey!

I´ll save it in my favorite ones.

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