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IS -Media on S4 HANA

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I am new to IS-Media, need your guidance on the following to start with,

1. How to check the Media component is activated on S/4 HANA -2022

2. Do we have the FIORI library for the IS- Media functions, incase its different from usual FIORI library pls. let me know.

Thanks in advance.


Ravi K

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Hello kalyan_189,

1. To check if the Media component is activated on S/4 HANA -2022, you can follow the steps below:

a. Log in to your S/4 HANA system and navigate to the SAP Easy Access menu.

b. Click on "System Status" and select the "Component Information" tab.

c. Look for the "IBU_MEDIACOM" component and check if it is marked as "Activated."

d. If the component is not activated, you may need to activate it by following the relevant activation steps.

2. SAP Fiori is a design language and user experience for enterprise software. It is not specific to any module or industry. However, there may be specific Fiori apps available for IS-Media functions. You can check the SAP Fiori Apps library or contact your SAP support team for more information.


Kind Regards,