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Is it possible use “Document Service” as “Content Server” for DMS application?

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Dear Colleagues,

I´d like to know if is possible to use “Document Service” as “Content Server” for DMS application.

I know that is possible “Connecting PLM / DMS to SAP Document Center”:

However, considering that DMS need/use a Content Server, may I consider “Connecting to External Content Repositories”:

And, may I consider the “Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS)”, as an option to solution of Content Server (external)?

Considering CMIS as an option of Content Server, how we can connect to DMS, considering the OACT and OAC0 customizing transaction?

I found these information, regarding CMIS and Content Service (external).

Content Management Interoperability Services Outbound API

Making the CMIS Repository Available

If anybody has some idea, tips, or think that is not possible, please send your contribution/information.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards from Brazil.

Rodrigo Arai

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Answers (3)

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Hi Rodrigo,

please also check our solution for SharePoint and ArchiveLink at

Best regards


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Thanks Karim.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi rodrigo.arai

Did you try document management service with S/4? Could you please share your practice here? I have a customer have similar requirement. I want to know if there is any limitation. Are all of basic DMS features supported by this solution?

Thanks so much in advanced ~

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it is possible to used Document Services as content server for SAP DMS, yes, and this can indeed be done through the CMIS outbound interface, but there are 2 requirements:

1/ You need to implement a proxy bridge on the SAP Cloud Platform for the Document Services to be accessible from your system, see

2/ You must have a recent SAP version, CMIS outbound is available on S/4, I don't think it's available on ERP releases

If you have an older ERP release and want to store in Document Services or Document Center (or SharePoint or anything else by the way) you can use YAC, see or