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is it possible to update the contract value from amount spent on PO...?

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Dear Gurus,

I have a business scenario in SAP MM, where I need your expert advice.

I have a contract say, worth of 1000 USD. against which I have created 9 purchase orders of 100 USD.

But I have done service entry of 50 USD only for the each PO. & I am not expecting any more . So the actual money spent is only 450 USD. But the Total PO issued is for 900 USD.

Here with the present configuration , the remaining money in the contract is showing only 100 USD ie I cant create any PR for more than 100 USD.

Even though I didn't actually spent , I am losing the amount of 450 USD from the contract.

Is there any way to resolve this so that the remaining contract value will take the actual spent value as reference.

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How you are creating the process

Its as Contract - PO - SES.

So at the time of creating SES, system will always search for the reference of PO (no the contract) and At the time of creating PO, system will always search for the reference of Contract.

Contract will serve his data to PO and PO will serve his data to SES.

Your requirement is possible if we can create SES with regards to Contract. But you know it is not possible in standard.

So as of my knowledge, In standard, system will always check remaining value = Contract value - PO value.

As per your requirement, you can check your own flexible development.

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Here few questions will get arise . Does  the PO is MIROed for the half value as you said and for half value ? another question is why you created for 100 USD when you are going to purchase for half of the quantity / value ? Does the Contract is for quantity or for value ( MK/WK ) . Ofcourse if not MIROed you can reduce the PO quanity and value to half . If MIROed and paid do the MR11 . also usage of contract in the system is just only a warning a message at PR/PO and you can release the orders though it exceeds .

In order not to happen futhrur take proper steps like usage of the minimum order quantity or creating the PO correctly  etc .


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Have you tried just reducing the value on the POs ??

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PO value correction is possible. Is there any other method other than changing the PO value.