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Is it possible to replace text symbol in SODIS documents?

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Dear Experts,

I've configured to send out Sales Order thru email by maintaining the corresponding setting in the output type using the tcode NACE.

I've also make use of the tcode SODIS to maintain a document which contains the texts that are to be included in the email.

My question is that if I want to include, say the sales order no. in the text, would it be possible and how it can be done?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Greetings francissk.luk,

I think this blog is an interesting reference that might help to address your topic.



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Dear lazfreitas,

I've also read the blog that you have suggested, however, I think my case is a bit different.

I'm just making use of the standard configuration available for the output type as shown where SO_MAIL_BODY is the document created in SODIS. It is actually working fine and the email sent out did contains the text that I've maintained in SO_MAIL_BODY.

What I want to know is that if I have a text symbol like &VBAK-VBELN& in the content of SO_MAIL_BODY, is it possible to replace it with the actual sales order no.