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Is it possible to make Freight 1 column on Sales Order Fixed Value?

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Currently this Freight 1 column on sales order has drop down that allows us to choose from values such as Freight, Insurance etc.

We would like it to be fixed for example on Freight. Is this possible?

In our case, we have actually created a new Freight type (not really freight though) called DepositFee and we would like it to be fixed column input. As soon as an item is added whenever order attrributes are changed, the column should still show the fixed value which is "Freight".

Thank you very much.

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Your question is not very clear. Have you tried to set up freight by Fixed Value ?



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Hi Gordon,

We are actually using the Freight column for additional taxes.

Currently Freight column in sales order row level, gives us the ability to choose Insurance and Freight (in demo stores of US and Canada). There is also an option for New. We click on that New option and create two additional taxes "Deposit Fee" and "Eco Fee".

Therefore, now we have four taxes available from drop down for Freight in order level (rows). That is Freight, Insurance, Deposit Fee and Eco Fee.

What I am asking is this - We do not want that drop down with four taxes. We would like it to show a fixed value all the time "Deposit Fee".

Note: I actually think I solved this problem as follows:

1. Made FMS query on this Freight as : $[$38.111.160]='Deposit Fee'

Then I made is auto refresh to item code. So whenever new item is added, the Freight does get the field value as 'Deposit Fee'.