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Is it possible to change company code, with different currency, in cost center?

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Dear All,

I know that there is a post already with this question but it's from 2011 and  I need some clarifications.

I execute report RKACOR06 in order to change company code in cost center during a fiscal year.

System does not allow to make change because company codes have different currency.

How can I make this change?

If it is not possible make this change can you explain why? There are other solutions?

Best regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the coding of report, I can read this coding

* check if different currency in company code is allowed
  IF csks-waers <> cs_info-ccwaers AND cs_info-xwbuk <> space.
    WRITE: / text-024.    " different cc currency is not allowed

where the text-024 is "Error: The company code selected has a different currency". cs_info-xwbuk may refer to customizing options for the company.

I hope this helps you



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