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Is it possible to capture tracking numbers on Handling Units?

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In testing the 2002 delivery packing/handling unit functionality, and this seems to be a good solution for the process needs in general.
One issue I have found though is that it does not seem that it can be used for integrating with carriers to send back a tracking number for each HU.
I searched on S/4HANA Cloud Help Portal but do not yet see anything on tracking numbers. Can you share information on whether this sort of integration or tracking numbers are available in S/4HANA Cloud?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert

Hi There,

I would like to provide some additional information on this question based on some of my customer experiences.

This information is relevant as of release 2005.

In addition to the information above, Customers in need for a shipping and parceling solution for a warehouse with big volume where speed is needed, can look as well for 3rd party certified solution like processweaver xcarrier (see info here:

We have used processweaver xcarrier in one of my customers and xcarrier helped them with the overall shipping solution (carrier selection, cost calculation, print labels, tracking numbers, etc.).

xcarrier will be able to provide customer with the information on the tracking number by handling unit, among other information.

xcarrier will work for both inventory management (storage location) and cloud warehouse management in S/4HANA Cloud, essentials edition.

Now, if you don't have a big volume warehouse, but would like to manage the tracking number this is what I will advise (actually this also can be use when implementing with xcarrier):

In inventory management in 2005 we allow also to have extensibility on the handling unit at the logistic execution (LE) side using scope item 4MM ( So you could create a custom field for tracking number and add the content there by handling unit. This is executed in the Change Outbound Delivery app (don't look at custom fields in the outbound delivery header as you won't find them, you need to look at the Handling unit details where custom fields will show) This will give you a great way to have the information you need. See picture attached.

For warehouse management, the extensibility can also work, however this is will required more technical work. Due to accuracy between IM and WM, when an outbound delivery is created in LE, the delivery in LE is set to display only as it has being distributed to the Warehouse. So there is no way to change it. You will use the WM Fiori App "Pack Outbound Deliveries" to create the handling units. When you post good issue, the Outbound Delivery at LE will get updated with the handling unit information. Here, you can look to use the API that came in 2005 with the LE Handling Unit extensibility to update the tracking numbers custom field see link You can also see the API when creating the custom field. It will show as a SOAP API.

Now, I would expect that if you are using WM, the volume and speed on the warehouse throughput will be higher than IM, in which a certified shipping solution might be a good option to consider.

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thank you for this valuable information, i found exactly what I needed - using LE HUs for adding the tracking ID. Great!

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Hello. This information has been very valuable. We are facing the exactly the same challenge. As a matter of fact, we have 3 scenarios for updating the tracking information: deliveries not distributed, distributed to WM and distributed to 3rd party WMS. We have found a way to update custom fields, except for the escenario with WM. We have done POC with BADIs /SCWM/EX4_OM_HU_EXTEND_HDR and HU_HEADER_UPDATE but we have not got the desired result: Make custom field changeable when a delivery is distributed to WM. We have raised and influence request with ID 317265 for SAP Cloud Public Edition.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Tracking numbers are not currently part of S/4HANA Cloud essentials.

It is also not currently on the public roadmap.

It is possible the plan is to integrate with the Global Track and Trace, please see some information here:


In the past, we have used Custom Fields to hold carrier tracking information. However, you don't have Custom Field on HU.

You could consider using a Custom Business Object to map Delivery/HU to Tracking Number.

It is possible to expose the CBO as a webservice so the CBO could be updated via API.

Otherwise this could be a good innovation to submit via the influence portal.

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Thank you for the information in your replies - I will inform my client.