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Is it possible to adjust dimensions of shipping unit/handlng unit in WM outbound delivery order?

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How to change the dimensions of shipping unit/handling unit in an outbound delivery order (WH managed Storage Location)?

We are using Pack Handling Units – App
This App displays the details of the HU, but there is no possibility of changing them. 
Where would SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition offer a possibility to alter the dimensions, when using the 'Pack Outbound Deliveries' or 'Pack Handling Units' App?

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Dear SAP Community,

You cannot change the dimensions of a shipping unit or handling unit directly in the ‘Pack Outbound Deliveries’ or ‘Pack Handling Units’ apps. These apps are used to pack products into handling units based on the packing instructions. The dimensions of the handling units are determined by the packaging material specified in the packing instructions. 

 If you want to change the dimensions of a handling unit, you need to adjust the dimensions of the packaging material in the packing instructions by the ‘Manage Packing Instructions’ app.

Please note that any changes to the packing instructions will affect all future handling units that use this packing instruction. If you only want to change the dimensions for a specific outbound delivery order, you might need to create a new packing instruction with the desired dimensions and assign it to the product for this specific order.

Please check further information about this APP in the links below: 

Manage Packing Instructions APP

Manage Packing Instructions - Master Data

Best regards,

SAP Support.