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Is it Possible if we can run APP with same vendor at Multiple Locations

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Hi All,

My company has got 5 Plants and the scenario is that for example there is one vendor and he supplies material in all Plants or at least 2-3 Plants. Now when they execute F110 from multiple plants with the same vendor. Then they receive error message that vendor is blocked.

Is there any solution in SAP that if the vendor is same and suppose multiple users includes that same vendor in Automatic Payment Program then they would able to execute the transaction successfully.

Really Appreciate everyone's response on this situation.


Ravi Mehta

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Hi Ravi,

In the standard system, when you run the F110 for a vendor/customer account, an entry in table REGUS is created to block the account. Once this entry is create, there is no way to include this vendor in another payment proposal as you get the following error message

FZ348: Customer & & is contained in proposal & &; no editing
FZ349: Vendor & & is contained in proposal & &; no editing

The system need to access the whole tables, and therefore, the vendor is blocked in the company code to avoid system inconsistencies.

Therefore,it is not possible that same customer/vendor is included in a two payment run simultaneously.

Kind Regards

Soumya Rao

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Hello Everyone,

Thanks a lot for providing the valuable input. So in such situations where vendor remains the same and he supplies material to various locations in an organisation and company follows the methodology of executing APP from multiple Plant Locations.

Then we as a consultants from SAP what should we propose to our client .So, that users who are executing APP from various locations should not get such kind of error messages.

Need your valuable response!


Ravi Mehta

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Hi Ravi,

Yes I agree that there should be workaround.

However we need to understand that this is standard SAP functionality.

In SAP we normally use the Head office and branch functionality.

So Head office would make the payment on behalf of branch.

Another option is the Payment schedule at each plant can be fixed.

Ex: Branch 1 APP is every tuesday, Branch 2 : APP is every wednesady, so that the issue can be handled differently.

Hope this might provide some inputs and resolve your issue.



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Hi Ravi,

You should not have any problem running APP from different location for the same vendor. However 'Posting Date of the next Payment' Run should be selected appropriately F110-Parameters. Also double check and make sure that there is no block in the vendor master or payment method.

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Hi Ravi,

I'm assuming you're running APP separately that's why you're having an error. APP should be able to pick up open invoices for payment for the same vendor as long as they are within the specified parameters.

Try running APP once to avoid the error that vendor is blocked.

Hope this helps.