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Is Costing Model (ECP) Transportable

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I need to create near to 100 forms in CKCM for using in Easy Cost planning. Is the costing models created in CKCM is transportable to production server? While creating I didnt get any transport request and as per BASIS people its a transaction data and cannt be moved to production.

what is the best practice following while using costing model; how the testing and quality check is performed for such forms if we are directly creating it in production.

Thanks in advance

Reg/ Tony

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CKCM is not a configuration relevant transaction, so system will not generate any transport request. In quality client you can create few forms and testing can be done. once testing is completed in quality then you need to create those forms in production client.

you can try BDC for mass upload of costing model in production client.



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BDC is not easy to achieve as unable to do a proper screen capture in SHDB.

any BAPi or functional solution available?

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Try Report program CKECP_EXPORT_MODEL from Source System followed by CKECP_IMPORT_MODEL in Target System.



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Summarizing for future reference

Step 1

Transfer the Characteristics to Target system- Use CT10 to download the Characteristic list and LSMW with object 0150 to upload

Step 2

Use SE38 and CKECP_EXPORT_MODEL in original system and SE38 and CKECP_IMPORT_MODEL in target system

Points to remember

Ensure that all the values are available in target system like Unit of Measurement etc

Ensure the cost element is defined

Ensure the material numbers are same in both systems