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Invoice Split

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Sometime while creating the invoice, the invoice get split and in split analysis it give the below error:

"Number of foreign trade data i" is different.

Can someone help me in this case.



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Hi Nirmal,

Plese refer the OSS note 11162, according to which, all the header fields

(table VBRK) are splitting criteria. So VBRK-EXNUM is also

a splitting criteria. The only possibility is to make that the system

sets the same EXNUM in the invoice.

Please check the field Determination of export data (TVCPF-EXPIM)

in the copy control Delivery -> Invoice at header level (transaction

VTFL)at the header level. Please check if it is set to

'B' if you do not want a split based on export indicator or export

segment number.

In a standard scenario the blank value is used.

There is, in the delivery header table LIKP, a field called EXNUM. This

is the key between the FT tables EIKP and EIPO (header and item, respec-

tively) and LIKP, as the FT info is not stored on the delivery itself.

When the delivery is created, the system does a check (country code of

the shipping plant vs. country code of the ship-to party). If the check

is not equal the FT routines kick-in and an EXNUM is assigned and the

values are transferred to EIKP and EIPO using EXNUM as the key.

When the invoice is created, the system looks at the value of EXPIM in

VTFL. If it is blank, the system refers to the same EXNUM for the FT

data in the invoice (similar scenario as the delivery, however, the

EXNUM from LIKP is moved to VBRK but it points to the same entries).

If the value 'A' is used, then the contents of fields to which EXNUM

points are copied but given a new EXNUM stored in VBRK (this is used to

avoid an invoice split when combining deliveries).

If the value 'B' is used, the the system knows that EXNUM from the

source document is to be ignored and the systems runs the FT routines to

read the values anew from customizing.

Also see note 36864 for more information.

Hope this could solve your problem.