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Invoice Receipt for PO Limit with Unknown Assignment

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I have read many posts about PO Limit process, explaining account assignment U (unknown) can be used with item category B (limit). But none explain on how to do the invoice receipt for the item with unknown assignment.

If I use cost center (K) in the PO Limit, I can input the amount in the account assignment popup dialog. The G/L account and the cost center adopted directly from PO. But for unknown, I can only input the amount but cannot do anything to change the account assignment, thus failing to complete the invoice process. I have tried using the account assignment layout. I have the screenshot for example.

Can anyone elaborate on how to do this? Thank you.

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Hi Baya,

In transaction OME9, for account assignment category 'U', the 'AA Chgable at IR' indicator has to be checked, then it's possible to edit the
G/L account and the cost center during the invoice creation via MIRO. Please note that the account assignment that proposed from PO
can be changed only in case of Non-GR or GR Non-valuated with regard to the PO item.

Hope this could be of help.

Best regards,

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Hi Samson, I have tested your suggestion and it works! Thanks a lot for your answer.