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Invoice Price refer to GR quantity

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Hi experts,

I had maintain scale quantity in Info Record.

Qty 1 - 1000 -- Price 100.00

Qty 1001 - 3000 -- Price 80.00

Qty 3000 - 5000 -- Price 60.00

Qty 5000 above -- Price 50.00

My problem is my invoice want to refer to GR quantity

1st GR 500pcs -- Invoice Price should 100.00

2nd GR 3000pcs -- Invoice Price should 80.00

3rd GR 8000pcs -- Invoice Price should 50.00

Do you have any idea how i want to get the price based on GR quantity instead of PO quantity?

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Answers (2)

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This parameter you have to add in USER settings.

In SAP menu bar goto settings --> User profile --> own data select parameters tab and then enter the parameter.

Follow the instructions given in the post above. (given at the end)


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Hi Satish,

Thanks for your feedback...

But, the "IVAMOUNTADJUST" Automatic Amount Calculation is not what i want.

My requirement is the Invoice Verification will calculate the Amount based on GR quantity.

For example,

Maintain in Info Record scale quantity:

Qty 1 - 1,000 -- Price is $10 per unit

Qty 1,001 - 3,000 -- Price is $8 per unit

Qty 3,001 - 5,000 -- Price is $6 per unit

Qty 5,000 above -- Price is $5 per unit

Created PO quantity is 10,000 pcs

Partial GR:

1st GR 500pcs

2nd GR 2,500 pcs

3rd GR 4,000 pcs

4rd GR 3,000 pcs


In Invoice Verification, total amount for IV will refer to GR quantity. (I had tested but the net price is refer to PO net price)

Simulate result:

IV for 1st GR = 500 pcs * $10 = $5,000

IV for 2nd GR = 2,500 pcs * $8 = $20,000

IV for 3rd GR = 4,000 pcs * $6 = $24,000

IV for 4th GR = 3,000 pcs * $8 = $24,000

What i want to ask is do possible system can calculate the Amount based on GR quantity?

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Try the following:

Use parameter u201CIVAMOUNTADJUST u201C with value u201CXu201D for Automatic Amount Correction


When quantity changes occur, you can perform automatic correction of an item amount using the user parameter IVAMOUNTADJUST. You can use the automatic amount correction in the following transactions, for example, if you often enter partial invoices:

u2022 Enter Invoice (MIRO)

u2022 Park Invoice (MIR7)

u2022 Invoice Overview (MIR6)


If you enter the value X for the parameter, automatic amount correction takes place. This means that if you change the quantity of an invoice item and then choose Enter, the system automatically calculates the new item amount. If you have already entered the quantity and item amount manually, and you change the quantity afterwards, the system does not calculate the amount again.

If you do not enter a value for the parameter, you must enter the values for quantities and amounts manually.


1. Choose User profile  Own data.

2. Choose the Parameters tab page and enter IVAMOUNTADJUST in the Parameter column.

3. If you want the system to perform automatic amount correction, enter X in the Value column.

4. Save your entries.

Satish Purandare

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Hi Satish Purandare,

Where is the parameter u201CIVAMOUNTADJUST u201C?

I couldn't found in TCode: MIRO