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Invoice Postings

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We are recharging expenses through to the customer in our current system.

I need to create a process in SAP B1 where the expenses hit a control account and are then recharged. Hence, the postings for the purchase would be;

Cr Supplier

Dr Wip

And then for the invoice;

Cr Wip

Dr Expenses

Dr Accounts Receivable

Cr Revenue

Is there a way I can modify the invoice postings to reflect the above? I know you could use an item code, but I don't want to manage stock. If I use a non inventory item code then I lose the COGS posting.



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Answers (2)

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You can manage additional expenses either by making use of freight set up or landed cost document where these expenses can be mapped to expense and revenue GLs and you can decide to load on stock or to show as expense.



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Hi Mark,

Expenses like shipping should be handled using the Freight functionality (Administration > Setup > General > Freight).

Here you can determine different types of expenses (for example Shipping and Small Delivery Expense, etc.) and the required accounts. For these expenses you can either setup a default value in this same window, or you can leave the value at zero, and determine any one or more of these expenses' values in the document (sales order, delivery, invoice, etc)