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Invoice PDF attachment default name to be changed

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Hello All,

Our requirement in billing is that the default name of the mail attachment should be the invoice number.

See the below screenshot, here the default name "Print data" should be the invoice number

As per SAP’s suggestion notes 537832 and 718017 are implemented but it is still not working

Below is the configuration in our system


Output Condition records maintained is as below

Below is how the invoice is printed using MAIL-PRINTER

TCode VF03

Below is the screenshot of SPAD

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Hi Kiran,

As per the note 537832 point 4 "If you want to make the message executable, you must maintain the execution parameter in the condition record under 'Communication --> Goto --> Execution Parameter'. Under SET/GET parameter, proceed as follows, if required: In addition to the parameter ID, enter the NAST or XNAST field that is to be transferred. Example: VF | (SAPLV61B)XNAST-OBJKY"

Where in condition record VV32 we can maintain "Communication --> Goto --> Execution Parameter" ? and what is parameter name and respective value?

Note : Currently only VF01 is considered