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Invoice is generated with negative net value SAP SD

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Hey All,

When I try to create a sales order the PPR0 price condition is given, delivery document is generated for the same but when I try to create an invoice with that it's being generated with negative value, once I give the update on the pricing tab then that negative value is going away, can anyone out there help me out why it's giving negative value at the creation of invoice from VF01?

What could be possible options I can check here?

I checked the pricing determination, condition records but seems all good for me.

Please provide some guidance SD (Sales and Distribution) SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition SAP S/4HANA SAP Sales Order Notification SD Billing SAP S/4HANA Cloud for Sales 




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The information what you shared is not sufficient to understand the issue and assist you.  A screen shot from sale order and billing could have helped to assist you.  Couple of queries from my side

  • When you say, after clicking update button, the negative value goes in billing, how about in sale order ? 
  • Is the value in sale order correct ?  How pr00 flows to sale order and billing ?
  • Is there a valid condition record taken care during sale order creation and billing ?
  • Did you check the change log of condition record and sale order ?

For me, it seems to be due to custom validation not working properly which you can find out via debugging.


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Hey Lakshmipathi,

Thanks for your quick response. I was able to fix that issue.