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Invoice Discount Base incorrect amount

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Vendor invoice discount base is sometimes calculated incorrectly. The incorrect amount is in BSEG-SKFBT of the 'K' line BSEG record. Incorrect amount occurs when tax codes in the BSEG line items are not all the same. Only the line items with same tax code as the 'K' line get accumulated into 'K' line SKFBT field. We use many non-tax relevant accounts; so is not always possible that all line items have same tax code as 'K' line. We have gone back and forth with SAP on this. SAP's response is that we can manually enter the SKFBT amount. We process many thousands of invoices each week, many electronically. It is not feasible that we manually enter discount base amount. We do not flag any line items as not eligible for discount. We want SKFBT always be total of all BSEG line items.

Our ABAPer tried BTE solution to populate SKFBT but he says system overwrote the amount.

Anyone have solution for this? Maybe ABAPer used wrong event?

Best regards

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Hi, did you already get solution for you question? Because I have same issue at SD accounting posting at VF01.

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What is your requirement?

Do you want Discount base on net value or on the Gross. If you want on net value then please check the box in OBY6 on Discount Base is net value.

Please revert.

Br, Vivek

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Dear Vivek,

For us discount base is calculated on gross. Requirement is that discount base be same as invoice total. SAP only does this when all line items have same tax code as the 'K' line item. This is not always possible for us because we have mix of tax relevant and non-tax relevant GL accounts.

SAP admits system produces strange results but says system working as designed. SAP says we can manually input discount base at entry time. That's true but is no solution due to automated invoice processing and the many thousands of invoices processed each week.

We tried updating discount base with BTE but system overwrote the amount on posting. Looking for other ideas.

Best Regards,