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Invoice Coreection request for Debit Process

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I wanted to use the Invoice correction Request for the Debit Process

I have invoices customer for 10 pieces instead of 12 Pieces , so I need to correct the Invoice and need to get money for the remaining 2 qtys.

Customer wants to do the same throught Invoice Correction Process.

The Standard Process Allows to create the Crdeit Memo in negative Posting in this Above case,

How could i do correct postings by debit memo

Because I tried creating new INvoice correction document and did copy control , by when i create the invoice , the debbit memo is for 22 pieces , pls

advice me on correct confoguration

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Answers (1)

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did you change the default quantity to 10 but not adding another 10 to existing 12?

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the default qty shows is 10

and i need to crroect the qty to 12 in the secind line item , the amount show should be for 2 , but it sows as gross amount for 22 qtys

how could I do it