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Invoice blocking due to tolerance limit at header Invoice Value.

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Our client needs to have tolerance limit set for total Invoice value.The Invoice contains multiple line items.The tolerance may be % or $ value.The standard setting which I know is for each Invoice line item but not for cummulative.The issue is if we post exceed but within tolerance amount for each line item from the Invoice containing multiple line items,the total Invoice value exceeds considerably.

Please let me know the how to deal with this issue?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Mandar,

Set Tolerance Limits:

In this step, you specify the tolerance limits for each tolerance key for each company code.

When processing an invoice, the R/3 System checks each item for variances between the invoice and the purchase order or goods receipt. The different types of variances are defined in tolerance keys.

As per your req ,it is not possible to compare PO Net header value with GR Total value and Toatl Invoice value because PO , GR and Invoice may contain the different line items.

we are always doing Invoice verification at item level not on header level so SAP provides all the keys at item level only.

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Sanjay L

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