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Investement grants

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I have following requirements for governmental grants:

The company get governmental grants related to specific fixed assets: that could be purchase, construction or otherwise acquisition such assets.

Sometimes the asset, part of governmental grants needs to be created as a negative sub-asset to the main assets and sometimes the governmental part is created as a separate negative asset.

Acquisition and production cost as well the depreciation should be posted to different GL accounts as the grants are shown separately in financial statements.

According to SAP help

I created a new depreciation area 51 which post governmental grants on the liability side. (the only ledger is 0L)

The setting of depreciation area 51 are:

Posting to GL accounts: Area pot in real tine

Acquisition value: No value allowed

Net book value: Only negative value allowed

When I tried to post with ABIF to an asset without having posting in area 01 (book depreciation) I got an error:

Investment grants exceed APC in reference area 01

Message no. AA661

Can I post a governmental grants as a negative sub-number to existing assets?

Can I post a separate negative assets for a governmental portion without having APC in area 01 before that?

Or SAP logic is always that governmental grants are always posted as reduction of existing value (area 01) of FA?

I have additional requirements: (I assume that SAP support all these??)

All movements such as additional acquisition, changes in estimated useful life, partial disposal …are possible for governmental fixed assets. These movements are shown in different GL accounts in financial statements.

Government grants sometimes become refundable because certain conditions are not fulfilled. A government grant that becomes refundable is treated as an extraordinary item.

In case of returning the Government grants related to fixed assets APC and accumulated depreciation need to be reversed.

Thank you very much!

It is urgent I would appreciate all inputs

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You have to check how is configurated your transaction code ANVEST.

Please check the KBA below is can help you to understand this error:

2175996 - Error AA661 during ABIF posting