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INVERSE exchage rates does not work as in TCURR old inverse rates exist?

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Dear All,

in my case I can not use "inverse rates" Setting in OB07 as old inverse rates already exist in the table TCURR.


rate is CHF/USD --> assumption is, that USD/CHF will be calculated due to "inverse rate" setting.

HOWEVER the inverse rate is not calculated,  as in the TCURR exchange rate table is an old entry from a couple of years ago with USD/CHF.

What is to do that the inverse rate for current exchange rates is calculated even old entries in the TCURR exist?

Kind regards


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Hi Robin, thank you for this hint! It seems not to be that easy to change the a reference currency. In the note I just read the following: What should I consider if I want to change an exchange rate type to a reference currency? The TCURV exchange rate type table is not time-dependent, so any change you make to the conversion mode is retroactive - therefore, you should not do this in a live installation! Instead, we recommend that you create a new exchange rate type with reference currency, and make entries in TCURF for the relevant currency pair combination to a date that is some time in the future (for the same reasons we specified above) for the change to the new exchange rate type. Does anybody have  step to step guidance note for this topic? Kind regards Zarko