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Inventory transfer Error for Header level same warehouse

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I am trying to do stock transfer from one warehouse to another warehouse.

I have done testing in different warehouse.

When i m trying to do stock transfer, i am not changing warehouse at header level.

I am only change warehouse at row level.

So some of the database successfully added document without error.

And some of the database give me error 'Header level warehouse location is different from line level warehouse location [Inventory Transfer - Rows - Location Code][line: 1] [Message 439-261]'.

Can you please let me know is there any configuration for this error.

Thanks and Regards,

Dipen Shah

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Depen,

It is not a configuration issue, SAP not allow to transfer the inventory if your row level FROM or TO WAREHOUSE is different from header FROM or TO WAREHOUSES. All the rows warehouse locations must be same with headers. if you want to transfer to multiple location please make the multiple inventory transfer document with your requirement.


Obaid Ul Haq

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