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Inventory Stock Issue...

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We transferred 1000 PCS from one plant X to other plant Y via stock transport order

Material doc also created but i cannot see the stock??

MB5B does not show any transaction for these 1000 PCS...Even MMBE does not show this 1000 PCS....but MB51 shows the material document

Then where is the stock??? I am confused to see this that document exists but no stock is displayed in inventory

Please suggest where am i missing


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Answers (3)

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When you post goods issue the delivery against the STO the stock leaves the supplying Plant. As you have not done a Goods receipt in the receiving plant then it is not there either.

This is completely Normal and how it should be.

If you think logicaly as to where the stock really is it is in Transit and therefore use transaction MB5T and you will see the stock in transit and the STO that put it there

I hope that this helps

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Did you recive the stock in receiving plant through MIGO?

Go to MMBE, docuble click the stock line, check whether the stock is showing as stock in transit?


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I assume in MB51 you can see the GI from one of your plant. In your other plant you should make a goods receipt refering to the delivery.

Please check in MB5T whether you can see your stock that is being transfered.