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Inventory Revaluation DTW Error for Item With Batch Number

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Dear Brother and Sisters,

I'm trying to do DTW for the Inventory Revaluation for Item With Batch Number, But Encountering the following Error.

"Internal error (-5002) occurred Internal error (-5002) occurred65171"

Could you help me solving this. I've attached the Txt files that i'm testing, with this Query.


RecordKey DocDate Series
RecordKey DocDate Series
1 20190930 313


RecordKey LineNum ItemCode Price Quantity WarehouseCode RevaluationDecrementAccount RevaluationIncrementAccount
RecordKey LineNum ItemCode Price Quantity WarehouseCode RDcrmAcct RIncmAcct
1 0 3/4ThJunior_New 150 CW_01 103010105 103010105


ParentKey LineNum BaseLine SnbAbsEntry NewCost
DocNum LineNum BaseLine SnbAbsEntry NewCost
1 0 0 2220007560 150

Thanks and Regards,


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