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Inventory Management

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Can you please explain how in the sequence the Physical Inventory is done and the count is updated and how to post the Inventory difference is entered and what are the movement types used and how to apply the cycle counting so that the counting is done automatically.

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I guess you must have overlooked the rules of engagement. It is customary in these forums for questioners to first perform basic research before posting any questions.

First, search in the forums (search box in the upper right of this page). I did a quick search on cycle count and found 1200 posts. Also, a nice Wiki at

Next, check online help. This help is generic, and not specific to a particular industry:


if you are using WM

Next, look for generic solutions solutions in Best Practices.

Next look for industry specific solutions in Best Practices:

Next search in one of the standard online search engines (such as Google).

Only after you have performed all of these tasks, and studied all of the online help that is supplied for free by SAP, and are still troubled by a specific problem, should you consider posting a question to these forums.

If you are unwilling or unable to perform such research, then you should probably engage a consultant to assist you.

Best Regards & Good luck,