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Inventory Management - transactions

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I have carried out a test extract of Inventory/Materials Movement to SAP BW. For the moment I have used standard Business Content which comes with a list of predefined queries which are below.

I want to reconcile with R3 and was looking for appropriate transactions to use for the query or group of queries. I am aware of MMBE, MB51 and MB52. Thanks

Blocked Stock

Consignment Stock at Customer

Inventory Turnover

Quantities of Valuated Project Stock (as of 3.1 Content)

Quantities of Valuated Sales Order Stock (as of 2.1 Cont.)

Receipt and Issue Customer Consignment Stock

Receipt and Issue of Blocked Stock

Receipt and Issue Quality Inspection Stock

Receipt and Issue Stock in Transit

Receipt and Issue Vendor Consignment Stock


Stock in Quality Inspection

Stock in Transit

Stock Overview

Stock Overview (as of 3.1 Content)

Stock Range of Coverage

Valuated Stock

Valuated Stock (as of 3.1 Content)

Vendor Consignment Stock

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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MIGO - Goods Movements

MB01 - Goods Receipt

MB1A - Goods Issue

MB1B - Transfer Posting

MB1C - Other Goods Receipt

MB04 - Sub sequent adjustment for sub contracting

MB02 - Material Document change

MB03 - Display material document

MBST - Cancel material document

MBRL - Return Delivery

MB5B - Stock on posting date

MB5M - Expiration date list

MB26 - Picking

MB5T - Stock in Transit

MB53 - Plant stock availability

MBBS - Valuated special stock

MBLB - Stock with sub contractor

please let me know if these are helpful.



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In addition, here are some more transactions.


01 Reservation list MB25

Periodic Processing

02 List of Stock Values MB5L

Goods Receipts, Goods Issues

03 Material Documents MB51

04 Accounting Document for Material MR51

05 Cancelled Material Documents MBSM

06 Reason for Movement MBGR


07 Stock Overview MMBE

08 Plant Stock Availability MB53

09 Stock for Posting Date MB5B

10 Valuated Special Stock MBBS

11 Stock with Subcontractor MBLB

Balances Display

12 List of GR/IR Balances MB5S

Consignment MC$2

13 Stock MB54

Inventory Controlling

14 Inventory controlling MCB1

Inventory Information System - Material

15 Stock MC.9

16 Receipts/issues MC.A

17 Inventory turnover MC.B

18 Range of coverage MC.C

ABC analysis

19 Total analysis MC40

20 Ranking list MC41

Stock Value

21 Current stock MC48

22 Average stock MC49

23 Dead stock MC50

24 Slow-moving items MC46

25 Inventory turnover MC44

Range of coverage

26 By usage MC42

27 By requirement MC43

28 Usage values MC45

29 Requirement values MC47

Physical inventory

30 PhyInvDoc - material MI22

31 PhyInvData -material MI23

32 Phys. inv. overview MIDO

33 For Purchase Order ML84


34 Stock MC.1

35 Receipts/issues MC.2

36 Inventory turnover MC.3

37 Range of coverage MC.4

Storage location

38 Stock MC.5

39 Receipts/issues MC.6

40 Inventory turnover MC.7

41 Range of coverage MC.8

Hope this helps.



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Thank you both very much. The help will prove to be very useful

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