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I am using SAP B1. If I have single item in different divisions of my company, and I want to open them with different item codes I need to know about two things:

1) How can I transfer between two divisions? I mean is there a way to transfer item from One Item Code to another Item Code?

2) How can I see the total inventory of that item in my company? I couldn't find any Parent Item concept in this case?

I have another question that is if I do not want to use virtual locations within a single location (Suppose I have 2 divisions A1 and B1 and in my location L I have kept two virtual ones LA and LB for both divisions). Can I use the concept of BIN rather than using virtual warehouses in SAP B1? Someone said it would affect my MRP later on....

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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1. B1 don't have the function to transfer from one Item to another Item.

2. In your case, it is better to use one Item master data and combine with virtual warehouse/bin location for two divisions.

  • If you choose bin location, you cannot exclude/include a bin location from/to MRP scenarios
  • If you choose warehouse, MRP support to exclude/include a warehouse from/to planning scenarios

Hope this helps,

Son Tran

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