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Inventory count

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Hi All

I have a problem with the inventory count, we use program RM07IDRU but now I want to use a different form for our company i US, but how can make sure that this will have no impact on the settings for our company i UK.

I haven't seen anywhere where I can define e.g. Plant.


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Answers (2)

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Hi All

this is the answer from SAP

Dear Customer,

I am afraid I must confirm then that the functionality you require is

not contained in the standard system.

The only suggestion we can offer at this point is the following one

(offered by our Regional Support to other customers who reported

similar questions in the past):

The form that is used is customized in the transaction OMBU. I spoke to

our development team about this and the only workaround that they

could suggest is to copy the print program RM07IDRU (to ZM07IDRU) and

copy the form INVENT to ZINVENT while making the necessary changes.

You could then assign the form ZINVENT to the program ZM07IDRU and

use this print program to print the inventory documents for the

requiered plants.

Setting the system this way, one version of the form would be linked

to MI21 (RM07IDRU) and the other version would be linked to 'ZM07IDRU'.

The configuration for this link (for both print programs) is transactionOMBU.

The transaction OMBU is the only configuration on the system for the

printing of inventory documents - this is simply a link between the

print program and the form used. There are no conditions tables that

use the company code or plant as a key, so you can't configure to systemto use form A in plant X but form B in plant Y.

There is definitely no configuration that you can maintain to solve thisissue.

I am sorry that I cannot give you a more positive answer. Please confirmthe message at your earliest convenience.

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Nobody has an idea??