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Invalid value [DocumentLines.ActualBaseEntry]

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When trying to make a customer credit note based on a reservation invoice which already has a delivery applied and a payment received, I get the following error:

  "error": {
    "code": -5002,
    "message": {
      "lang": "en-us",
      "value": "Invalid Value  [DocumentLines.ActualBaseEntry][line: 2]"

What I am sending you to create the credit note is:

  "CardCode": "C3824752",
  "U_SCOD": "A1",
  "DocDate": "2024-02-12",
  "DocDueDate": "2024-02-12",
  "PaymentGroupCode": "-1",
  "DocCurrency": "GS",
  "DocRate": "1",
  "Comments": "debe ser 5872201390",
  "U_TipoDoc_AT": "R",
  "SalesPersonCode": "283",
  "U_CodUsuario_AT": "FEDRE",
  "U_DOCD": "S",
  "U_CDOC": "3",
  "U_SFTE": "NC-001-002",
  "U_EST": "001",
  "U_PDE": "002",
  "U_TIM": "16017361",
  "U_FVTD": "2100-12-31 00:00:00.0",
  "Series": "101",
  "U_Cargo": "1",
  "U_ListaPrecios": "4",
  "U_plan_pagos": "N",
  "DocumentLines": [
      "ItemCode": "528105K000",
      "Quantity": "2",
      "PriceAfterVAT": "225000",
      "TaxCode": "IVA_10",
      "WarehouseCode": "A1D2",
      "U_Descuento_AT": "0",
      "U_PorcDescuento_AT": "0",
      "WithoutInventoryMovement": "tNO",
      "U_Motivo_NC": "Devolucion",
      "ActualBaseEntry": "8966",
      "ActualBaseLine": "0"
  "DocumentReferences": [
      "RefObjType": "13",
      "RefDocEntr": "71581"

In theory, the value of ActualBaseEntry refers to the invoice and the value of RefDocEntr refers to the delivery made.

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi mario_galeano,

I do not see any BaseEntry, BaseLine or BaseType value in your request. I feel that those are also necessary along with ActualBaseEntry.

Are you able to create the same document manually using SAP Business One client?

If yes, create a same document manually and use the GET request to retrieve the document's details and then match the values with your request.

Hope it helps!

Kind regards,


SAP Business One Support


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Hi Ankit, I did the aforementioned test, created a credit note in the sap client and then via postman I verified its json, when trying to replicate it I got the following response: One of the base documents [DocumentLines.BaseEntry][line: 1] has been closed, In SAP, in order to create the credit note I had to use the option "Modify document status to open", how can I do it in a single request from the service layer?